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Share Secured Loan

Share Secured loans are great options for Members looking to build credit or for Members that have had past credit issues and wish to reestablish credit.

Depositing an amount equivalent to the loan amount, GVFCU uses the funds as collateral on the loan. Low interest rates available.

  • Pledged amount decreases as you pay down the loan
  • No minimum amount to borrow
  • No prepayment penalties

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Miscellaneous Secured Loan

Boats, Campers, RV's, ATV's, Farm Equipment, etc.

Secured by something the borrower offers as collateral in exchange for loan proceeds. Provides flexibility to ‘cash out’ on owned vehicles, ATV’s, Farm Equipment, Boats, Campers, etc.…at a better interest rate than an unsecured loan. It can also be used to purchase these types of items, or any other ‘nontraditional’ vehicle. Insured and Uninsured options available.

  • Lower rates than personal loans 
  • Various repayment terms available
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalties

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